Barnes & Noble Book Signing Oct. 15, 2010 Barnes & Noble Book Signing Oct. 15, 2010 Laura Beth Before the shoppers come by to see Laura Beth's books, she gets a pic of her special wall Barnes & Noble gave her to display her posters. 102771736 Carrie Scheiner, Founder & CEO of Exploramania Founder, CEO of Exploramania. Carrie and I are going to join forces and do some fundraisers together. 102771735 New Friends: Laura Beth, David Pollay & Carrie Scheiner!!! What wonderful new friends, David Pollay and Carrie Scheiner were so kind and fun to spend time with while we met Barnes & Noble readers. Cannot wait to read David Pollay's book.! 102771737 Becky & Laura Beth Becky and Laura met through David Pollay. What a perfect person to work with David Pollay. Like David Pollay's book, they are very happy and kind people. What a pleasant surprise to have been able to meet them. 102771734